About Us



and cargo surveyor company, our headquarter office is located in 

CALLAO, near to the principal port of PERU. This company count

on qualified and experienced personnel, with many years of

experience in the maritime field and surveys. 

For the above, we offer quality services, with internationally

accepted certificates, documented with digital photographs, in

English language, preliminary reports not later than 24 hours

upon survey via e-mail. Furthermore, our fees are very



We work with Shipping Agencies, Ship’s Managers/Operators, 

Charterers, Brokers, Insurance Adjuster, Surveying Companies,

Correspondents of Owners, Charterers and P&I Clubs in Peru,

Shippers and Consignees/Receivers.


Our Mission


Our mission statement brings the aboslute best value, service, and

commitment to our clients.  We are committed to honesty and

excellence in the performance of our work.


We will maintain high standards of integrity, coupled with a

commitment to continuing education in the technical aspects of

the marine industry.


We are representative in PERU of CIS Commodity Inspection Servicesproviders of professional inspection services focussing on agricultural commodity inspections, sampling and analysis but also performing technical inspections, PSI and certification services, all for protection of international trade. 


Contact Details:

CIS Commodity Inspection Services

83 Avenue Concordia
3062 LD Rotterdam 
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 10 2140589
Fax: +31 10 4141923
E-mail: info@cis-inspections.com 
Website: www.cis-inspections.com